We were born over twenty years ago as a color cosmetics company, originating from Tre Effe, a company with a strong background in formulation and the use of innovative production technologies, as well as solid experience in third-party production.
We have always been immersed in the unique atmosphere of the famous Italian Cosmetics Valley. Our professional roots run deep there and Disruptive Beauty Laboratories continue to call that region home.

Is it merely a geographical region, you wonder? Not at all; it transcends that notion. For us, it’s a kind of commitment of heart and mind, to what characterizes Italian culture and its inherent appreciation for aesthetic beauty worldwide. It’s a combination of ingenuity, creativity, innovation, flair, precision and an infinite attention to detail that has always defined the Made in Italy.

Today this dynamic and Italian culture-infused story has embarked on a new and broader journey.
Since 2022 we have become part of the RNB Group, the leading cosmetic manufacturer in Spain and one of the five largest in Europe. With over 30 years of expertise in researching, developing and creating global solutions for facial and body skin care, hair care, sun protection and fragrances.

Thanks to this alliance, our offering has expanded remarkably. Our production capacity has increased and, most importantly, it has become so versatile that we can now provide you with everything the cosmetics universe includes.

We come from a world of color and makeup. Today we are open to every aspect of skincare and beauty.