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We stand out from the crowd

We’ve chosen to remain true to our deep identity as Italian creators and producers of color cosmetics while also evolving, daring and boldly venturing down a new and disruptive path. Today we can proudly claim to be pioneers in a revolutionary approach to the beauty industry.

In an increasingly complex and competitive market, mere creativity, passion and enthusiasm aren’t sufficient to craft a successful cosmetics line. That’s why at Disruptive Beauty Laboratories we’ll take you by the hand and, together with our top experts, guide you professionally and with visionary precision every step of the way.

We will simplify it for you.

By partnering with us, you’ll achieve the precise and prompt realization of a project, aligned with your business plan. Through our targeted services, we’ll constantly stand beside you, offering our extensive product range, deep market knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking to steer you through this intricate journey.

From the development of your personalized formula to functional and efficacy testing. From branding to graphic and packaging design. From distribution strategy to regulatory compliance consultancy and market entry. You won’t be alone in any of these crucial moments. You’ll find us at your side, drawing from our vast experience and know-how.

The combination of these services makes us exceptionally versatile and more comprehensive than any other competitor.

At Disruptive Beauty Laboratories
we truly are the sole reference you need
to address every challenge and give
substance to your dreams.

Our business model is unique in the cosmetics outsourcing landscape.

This is why we define ourselves as BEAUTY360° EXPERTS. We can give you everything, indeed, everything.

We Anticipate and Generate Future Beauty Trends

Together with our partners, we form a wave of creative energy that, transcending traditional boundaries, opens up to every form of innovation without restriction.

Our laboratories serve as centers for research and scientific exploration. Divided into Powder, Anhydrous and Emulsion areas, they maintain a constant and fertile dialogue with each other.
The performance of the most advanced technologies continuously blends with the impulses of our inspiration and visionary capabilities.

Our Research & Development laboratory collaborates harmoniously with our Marketing experts and the industry’s leading suppliers of cutting-edge raw materials. It is precisely this alignment of diverse skills that, almost magically, transforms audacious and unconventional idea exchanges into pioneering and successful products. Creations featuring extraordinary innovative characteristics, both in terms of concept and formulations, leading the way in anticipating and shaping future beauty trends.

Genius, Quality and Scientific Rigor

Whether it’s makeup or skincare, all our cosmetics are developed based on your individual requirements, never neglecting the extensive search for the raw materials used, quality and sustainability of each component.

At Disruptive Beauty Laboratories, we pledge to make the impossible possible, offering you nothing less than the best in each of our products. Come to know us: you’ll soon discover that our work methodologies are characterized by a balance between fertile creativity and extreme rigor. And it’s this rigor that compels us to apply the strictest quality standards at every stage of the process.