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You can either embrace your well-defined brand image or rely on our communication team, who will, with your input, create a unique and unmistakable identity for you from scratch.
Throughout the brand development process, you’ll be mentored by top experts in marketing, design and communications. Step by step, they will lead you towards accomplishing your goals within the cosmetics industry, offering access to precise market analysis, unconventional insights and disruptive ideas.

formulation and laboratory

You’ll develop your product with us, with the option to either create a customized formula or select from an array of existing formulations. In either case you’ll have our constant support and access to the most stringent testing protocols.


Our experts will recommend the most suitable packaging system tailored to the nature of the product you wish to create. Our team will remain at your disposal to recommend the most appropriate solution from a wide spectrum of innovative and sustainable options.
Among your choices, we will develop together the most effective one to enhance the quality and beauty of your cosmetic product and, if needed, we will create the graphic design for you. This way, the aesthetic and emotional impact will align with your brand’s values and meet the expectations of your product’s recipients.
The packaging solutions we craft will align with globally recognized technical standards.

bulk production

From the formula developed by our laboratory, which you will have approved, we will move on to its faithful reproduction on a large scale. Every phase of the scale-up process will be meticulously overseen by our Research and Development team. Furthermore, our colorists and Quality Assurance will conduct rigorous checks on each production batch.

filling, assembly and shipping

These are the final stages that will lead you, along with us, to the the finalization of your cosmetics line. These are delicate steps where unwavering attention is essential to maintain the high-quality standards achieved until now. Therefore, they will be entrusted to a proven team with years of experience, always under the watchful eye of our Quality Assurance.
We can also assist you in registering with the CPNP portal and preparing the PIF (Product Information File), which is the necessary product information documentation required by European Regulation 1223/2009, ensuring that your cosmetics are safe and compliant with the law.


We will be by your side in developing the market introduction strategy for your new product.
Disruptive Beauty Laboratories is the magic wand that enables you to create, with the support of the industry’s top professionals, any solution for your cosmetic business in one place, step by step.
Your dreams will soon become a tangible reality and your products will reach the most suitable shelves to receive the recognition and success they deserve.