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We are

B auty360°


We are a dynamic company with a vibrant spirit, composed of passionate professionals possessing diverse and multifaceted competencies.
We share a deep knowledge of the makeup world and have extensive experience as formulators and producers of color cosmetics. However, above all, we are your point of reference for any solutions in the cosmetics industry: from formulation to production, from brand conception to product launch. That’s why we call ourselves BEAUTY360° EXPERTS.

We firmly believe in the values of listening, dialogue and mutual enrichment. That’s why we’ve created a fertile and lively environment where your desires and ideas will be warmly embraced, laying the foundation for personalized brainstorming and workshops. If you wish, you’ll be involved from the very beginning in the creative development process of the entire product.

We recognize that authentic innovation involves identifying new needs, generating ideas, accelerating processes and setting new goals. Every communication exchange, not only among us but also with our collaborators and clients, presents an opportunity to expand the realms of imagination, ignite inspiration and stimulate creative expression.

There are no boundaries, limits or insurmountable barriers. There is a whole universe of new possibilities waiting to be explored.
All it takes is daring.