our product offering


Being part of an international group means access to vast and versatile resources and knowledge. That’s why, in addition to color cosmetics, we can now provide you with a truly comprehensive range of cosmetic solutions: facial and body skin care, hair care, sun protection and fragrances.

Furthermore, we have established a strategic and operational network with significant
international industry players. This expands our extensive range of color cosmetics for the face, eyes and lips, with the addition of pencils and nail polish.
In short, we can confidently say that we cover all product categories and application areas. This translates into a tangible advantage: at Disruptive Beauty Laboratories you’ll find a unique and definitive reference to expand your product range, diversify your offering, broaden your potential customer base and increase your company’s competitive value.

special effects

Our profound expertise in formulating and producing color cosmetics finds its highest expression in the creation of special effects on powders, achieved through sophisticated and innovative technologies. This proficiency is at your disposal for crafting personalized and exclusive effects that will give your powder range a unique and incomparable finish, sure to stand out even on Instagram.


Are you searching for a new product with unique and astonishing features? Express your desires without hesitation and entrust them to the inventive spirit of our tireless team, composed of highly talented formulators, research and development experts, marketing professionals, brand designers and communicators. You’ll soon discover enthusiastic and passionate individuals, dedicated to their work, capable of identifying trends and proposing innovative solutions.
We are confident that, thanks to their deep knowledge and expertise, their contribution will help shape your project.
Don’t set boundaries to your imagination; dare to go beyond. Remember that, in the cosmetic sector, we can create anything for you.